I charge for either a HALF DAY (4 hours) or FULL DAY 

Up to: 5 hours = HALF DAY RATE + 1 hour

over:  5 hours =          DAY RATE


HALF DAY RATE:  £220 *    

         DAY RATE:  £400 *


POST PRODUCTION RATE:  £30 per hour (if not included/confirmed in job brief/description)

  • Specialised editing - difficult lighting situations caused by location, forbidden use of flash/external lighting, very low light, multiple light sources/white balance readings. Very large amounts of specific editing/cropping. Architectural perspective adjustments/corrections.
  • Retouching - Removal of blemishes, shadows. Reduction of bodyweight, manipulation of figure.
  • Composites - Removal/changes of backgrounds/skies etc.
  • Advanced Photoshop techniques - All other colour/lighting effects that are not possible to create in-camera, to achieve overall desired result.


TRAVEL COSTS:  £0.60 p.m - Mileage as re: AA Route finder

HIRE CHARGES - Any studio, props or specialised equipment, postal/courier charges, as previously agreed.



The rates above do not include: Commercial use for print, publication, advertising/promotion. Please enquire for Full-commercial licence fees.



Commercial & Corporate clients - Payment  within 3 days after completion/approval of proofs. Contract by email.

Regular trade client accounts - Payment with 28 days after completion/approval of proofs. Contract by email.

Private Clients - Payment preceded by 25% deposit and balance on day. Contract by email.

(e.g.: Christenings, Presentations, Events, Parties, Portraits etc.)